Our philosophy

Our greatest purpose is the satisfaction of our guests. We want to offer you an oasis of serenity and peace, a little paradise located in the countryside of northern Tuscany, called Lunigiana. An area rich of history and culture to be explored and savored in its simplicity. It is the opportunity to enjoy some relaxing moments by reading the works of local and international poets who have contributed to enhance the beauty of our suggestive land. That’s why our five apartments are named after “our” great poets. We love the beauty, the art and the nature in all its forms and nuances and we believe that the holiday can also become an opportunity to rethink and renew our lives. Every trip is and will remain an unforgettable experience.

We hope that our Agriturismo can become an international point of reference, where people of different cultures and nationalities can interact and re-invent themselves through the comparison and the cultural exchange.
Our guests will live “out of the time” in a green space of peace and beauty where they can assimilate, process and then share with us the stimuli that the landscape, the good food and wine can transmit to them.

The context
The structure consists of a building with a stone facade completely renovated on three floors and used as a farm and a larger main body once used as a stable. The complex is located in a beautiful panoramic position, 220 meters above sea level, in the heart of Lunigiana where you can admire the majestic Apuan Alps to the south-east (1) and north-east (2) the chain of mountains Apennines. The restoration of the farmhouse has completely preserved the original building materials, by respecting the environments and spaces and giving the property an additional historical value.

The property’s land, once used for haymaking and used as pasture for livestock, is now used for the cultivation of olive and fruit trees. Outside the rustic has been set up a wooden gazebo with barbecue, which overlooks the pool and from which you can enjoy in peace of all the best that the countryside and the healthy hill air can offer


(1) and (2) check the cardinal points.

Eremo dei Poeti
Our History
Eremo dei Poeti is a centenary building located in the hamlet of Canova, Lunigiana (Tuscany). The building was erected at the end of the 19th Century and after the Second World War it underwent several bombings which fortunately did not cause any significant destruction. Nowadays it is still possible to find the mark left by an unexploded bomb inside one of our apartments.

In 2016 has begun the restoration of the complex and the rural works in the green area around the entire structure thanks Luca, grandson of Santina Novelli and thanks to the contribution of the Tuscany region.